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Reynolds Document Services began as a business forms provider in 1866, and is the proven industry leader in providing documents and supplies to automotive retailers. In addition to a large offering of traditional products, we also offer state-specific F&I documents under our trusted LAW® brand and innovative marketing services.

Finance and Insurance
LAW® offers a range of documents to cover any F&I need, including the popular LAW® 553 Retail Installment Sale Contract and comprehensive state-specific F&I libraries. Contributors to these documents include an industry leading team of in-house and outside legal resources; Hudson cook, LLC; and OADA legal counsel. Have peace of mind knowing you are working with the automotive leader for standardized, legally reviewed F&I documents.

  • Ohio LAW F&I Library™: Our Ohio LAW F&I Library™ consists of a wide variety of F&I documents that are needed to fund a deal, meet state title and registration requirements, and help with dealer processes. All documents are available in print and digital formats.

  • LAW® 553 Retail Installment Sale Contract: The LAW® 553 is widely accepted by virtually all financial institutions on both the local and national level. Benefits of using the 553 include, reducing recontracting and protecting your finance reserve by shopping deals, minimizing reprogramming fees by using a single contract, and increasing sales and spot deliveries by sending one contract to several sources simultaneously.

To gain clarity on your compliance, check out our FREE LAW® F&I Document Review. The review involves collecting all your customer facing forms used in retail and lease deals and providing an assessment of how you can manage your compliance responsibilities. Contact us at or call us at 800.344.0996, for more information.

Marketing Services
Attracting and retaining customers in both sales and service is vital to the success of your dealership. Reynolds Document Services can help you do just that, by reaching customers in their homes, in their vehicles, and in your dealership with a variety of available products and services. Look below for a taste of what products we have to help you succeed.

  • Custom Dispatch Solutions: Turn your basic hang tags into marketing powerhouses by utilizing PromoTAG® and ScanTRAX®. With PromoTAG® you can combine your traditional dispatch numbers with a dealership specific advertising message. Looking to gain control over your CSI? Try out ScanTRAX CSI®. In addition to the marketing benefits ScanTRAX shares with PromoTAG, it is also a versatile hang tag that can encourage customers to complete a customized online survey, tailored to your exact needs, with an easy-to-scan QR code.

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  • Segmented Marketing Campaigns: Your Reynolds Document Service Consultant can help you create strong, effective direct mail campaigns that promote your dealership’s unique brand to the best targets, by leveraging impeccably clean data with DirecTRAX®.

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  • Service Retention: Keep your customers coming back with the most flexible service retention system in the industry – ReminderTRAX®. Every dealer’s retention program is uniquely designed to incorporate your dealership’s logos, amenities, employee photos, local landmarks, and so much more.



For more information on the various marketing services and traditional products we offer, contact your Document Services Consultant or e-mail

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