Helping Consumers and Dealers Communicate

What is AUTOCAP?

The Automotive Consumer Action Program (AUTOCAP) is a third party dispute resolution program sponsored by the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association (OADA) in conjunction with the Ohio Attorney General's Office. It is established pursuant to a memorandum of understanding between OADA and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. This free service that OADA members voluntarily participate in is designed to improve dealer / customer relations by providing a fair and equitable review and mediation of motor vehicle disputes involving participating dealers.

Many automotive disputes result from a lack of communication. If you do have a question or problem, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Vehicle information (make, year, model, mileage, etc.)
  • the nature of the problem (sales, service, warranty, advertising, etc.)
  • a brief description of the problem
  • the action or solution you think is fair

Step 2

Always speak to someone in authority at the dealership. If the problem involves a sales transaction, speak to the sales manager; if service is unsatisfactory or the problem involves a defect in the vehicle, contact the service manager. If you are still dissatisfied, ask to see the customer relations manager, general manager or dealership owner.

Step 3

If a satisfactory solution can't be reached and the problem is with the vehicle itself or with service provided by the manufacturer, contact the appropriate national, zone or distributor customer relations office. This information should be in your owner's manual; if it isn't, your dealer should be able to provide it.

Most problems can be solved by working directly with your dealership. Dealership employees want to retain satisfied customers and should be happy to help resolve your concerns.

But if you're still not satisfied...

Many dealers participate in AUTOCAP. AUTOCAP is a free, easy-to-use public service that can help when you have a problem with the sales or service practices of a new-car dealer.

Once a complaint is filed with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office,, the complaint is forwarded to AUTOCAP staff for processing if the dealer involved is enrolled in the AUTOCAP program. AUTOCAP then attempts to resolve the dispute through informal mediation between the two parties. A mediator will be assigned the case and work with the dealer and consumer to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution. 


AUTOCAP Contact Information

Phone: (614) 791-2910


Fax: (614) 766-9600

(Please put ATTN: AUTOCAP on fax)


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