Environmental & Safety Compliance

ComplyNet A KPA Company


Founded in 1994, ComplyNet has emerged as an automotive industry leader in compliance and risk mitigation solutions in the area of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).  ComplyNet combines its on-site services and its intuitive software-as-a-solution services to help dealerships, service centers, and body shops reduce risk, achieve compliance, and retain talent. 

OADA believes the benefits of ComplyNet's services can be realized in many ways. ComplyNet helps dealerships achieve compliance with a number of regulatory agencies such as OEPA, US EPA, BUSTR, PUSTR, and OSHA, and helps dealerships achieve substantial savings and increased profits with:

    • Safety programs that create a safer work environment that reduces injuries and allows a dealership to maintain or increase savings through OADA's Workers' Compensation Group Rating Program
    • Waste minimization programs that can reduce a dealership's potential liability and greatly reduce the cost of their disposal
    • Effective and sustainable environmental and safety programs that can potentially reduce a dealership's garage liability premiums


ComplyNet Facts

For over 25 years, ComplyNet has provided safety and environmental compliance services exclusively to the automotive industry.  ComplyNet’s core clientele includes franchised car, truck, and motorcycle dealers, including multiple dealership groups in the top 150.  ComplyNet serves over 1,000 dealers across the United States.

ComplyNet’s leadership team understands dealership’s needs.  Our leadership team is comprised of automotive industry veterans with extensive backgrounds in dealership operations, insurance, legal, regulatory, and dealership technologies.

We only hire “car people.”  ComplyNet’s Compliance Consultants are highly educated in the areas of environmental, health, and safety compliance.  Proven experience working at (or with) dealerships is a prerequisite to joining the ComplyNet team.

Environmental Compliance 

Hazardous Waste Management:
ComplyNet’s Compliance Consultants help establish record keeping systems to track and account for your dealership’s waste streams, audit your dealership’s hazardous waste management practices, and recommend improvement opportunities. 

Employee Hazard Communication (Right-To-Know) Program:
Before your employees are exposed to hazardous chemicals in your shops, they must receive Right-To-Know training as part of your dealership’s Hazard Communication Program.  Among other things, ComplyNet will:

  • Inventory hazardous materials

  • Provide easy access to your Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

  • Author a written Hazardous Communication Program for the dealership

  • Provide on-site training for dealership employees
  • Evaluate underground and aboveground storage tanks for compliance needs

Waste Minimization:
ComplyNet studies your dealership’s waste practices and makes recommendations about how to minimize waste and save money on disposal.

Safety Management 

Written Programs:  ComplyNet evaluates your dealership and develops written safety programs to fit your dealership’s needs.

Safety Committee Meetings:  ComplyNet helps dealerships establish safety committees, review and analyze safety issues, assign corrective actions, and document the minutes of each meeting.

Safety Inspections:  ComplyNet’s Compliance Consultants conduct facility inspections and make members of the safety team accountable by tracking corrective actions that are due and completed.

Safety Training: ComplyNet’s Compliance Consultants provide on-site employee training on many important safety topics, including how to safely operate a forklift and the certification process.

Online Training:  New hire training is simple with ComplyNet’s intuitive, cloud-based Compliance Management System (CMS), which includes online training, polices that can be electronically signed, a policy form builder, training and compliance dashboards, and much more.  Login at www.complynet.com and quickly and easily add users and provide your employees with training programs such as Hazard Communication (Right-to-Know), Safe Driver, DOT Hazard Materials Training, DOT HazMat for HazWaste & Waste Management, and more.

Contact Us:  We are an Ohio company that was originally founded in the Chicago area.  Please feel free to visit us at www.complynet.com or reach out to our local contacts:

Adam Crowell, President & General Counsel
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Josh Koronich, Director of Dealer Sales
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