Economic Impact

In 2018 OADA conducted a statewide survey of Ohio dealer members and the tremendous impact they have on their local communities and the state of Ohio's economy; the results were staggering:

Dealership Sales
Number of New Vehicle Dealerships 825
New Vehicles Sold 651,017
New Vehicle Sales $21.9 billion
Total Retail Sales $39.4 billion


Tax Impact
Sales Tax Generated $2 billion
Represents approx. 15.4% of total sales tax collected in Ohio  
Commercial Activity Tax Paid $93.1 million
Real Estate Tax Paid  $67.7 million
Payroll Tax Paid $615.2 million


Dealership Employees 55,192
Annual Payroll   $2.8 billion
Annual Investment  $63 million
Charitable Contributions
Annual Investment  $19.9 million


The Average Franchised New Vehicle Dealership in Ohio...

  • Generates $47.5 million in total retail sales
  • Generates $26.4 million in new vehicle sales
  • Employs 67 people
  • Pays $3.3 million in employee wages
  • Collects and pays $2.4 million in state sales tax
  • Pays $741,231 in payroll taxes
  • Pays $81,564 in real estate taxes
  • Pays $112,173 in Commercial Activity Tax
  • Spends $558,412 on advertising
  • Donates $24,020 to charity