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BWC’s Group Rating Two Hour Safety Training Requirement For Affected Dealerships

Who is required to participate in this training?

Is your dealership participating in group rating or group retrospective rating, and had an injury between July 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019?  If so, BWC’s rule states that any employer who has had any type of claim during this time period must complete a required two hours of safety training by June 30, 2020. 

OADA’s goal is to make this training requirement as easy, accessible, and informative as possible!  Therefore, OADA in partnership with ComplyNet is offering a selection of one hour webinars, and a few 30 minute webinars, that help to meet BWC’s training requirement. Best of all, all of our recorded webinars are FREE! 

How do I start?

Simply watch one of the webinars on the OADA Safety Training Webinar Channel, compiled by OADA and our safety training partner, ComplyNet.   Upon completing the program, complete the following steps:

  1. Send an email to DeAnna Zahniser, Your email should contain the following information
    1. Name of the webinar that you watched
    2. Name of the person that watched the webinar
    3. Date that the webinar was watched
    4. Dealership legal name
    5. Policy/risk number
  2. DeAnna will email you a certificate of completion after validating your webinar viewing selections. She will also send a copy to Kirsten Gibson at CareWorksComp for her records.

What are my other options?

Not a fan of these webinars? Not a problem. This training may also be accomplished by participating in the following training options:

OADA offers OSHA, EPA, and DOT webinars throughout the year. Watch our website and your e-mails for these announcements to register and attend a "live" session.

BWC Training - Division of Safety and Hygiene offers training through these venues:

  • Ohio Safety Congress & Exposition safety-education sessions
  • Ohio Center for Occupational Safety and Health’s half and full day courses
  • Safety council seminars (regular safety council meetings do not qualify)
  • BWC online courses that meet the two-hour requirement

REMEMBER - If a dealership has experienced more than one claim within this period, they are still only obligated to attend two hours of safety training.  If a dealership has more than one policy number that has experienced an injury within this time period, two hours of training must be completed for each affected policy number.

Make sure you let us know you have completed your training!

OADA is required to track your attendance and compliance and make a report to BWC.  Should you choose to attend a safety training held by BWC or another approved entity, please submit your certificate of completion to your CareWorksComp Account Executive, Kirsten Gibson, (800) 837-3200, ext. 57110, (614) 526-7110,  Or contact DeAnna Zahniser at OADA, (614) 923-2231,

Not sure if your dealership(s) are required to participate in this training?

Contact Kirsten or DeAnna and they will be able to provide you additional assistance.


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