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Federal EV Tax Credits Hub

To help dealers understand the requirements to the Federal EV Tax Incentives under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), OADA has compiled the best resources for each EV incentive (new, used, and commercial). For additional information or questions, OADA members can contact your OADA legal counsel, Sara Bruce.


Resources for All Federal EV Tax Incentives

NADA: Clean Vehicle and Refueling Infrastructure Incentives Hub

IRS: Updated Fact Sheet and FAQs (FS-2023-22)

U.S. DOE – Fuel Tax Incentives Summary

IRS: Clean Vehicle Credit Seller or Dealer Requirements

Schneider Downs: EV Tax Credit Guide

EV Tax Credits 101 - (Webinar Recording, featuring Schneider Downs)


New Clean Vehicle Credit (30D) Previously Owned Clean Vehicle Credit (25E) Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit (45W) Energy Credits Online
OADA: New Clean Vehicle Tax Credit Requirements Take Effect April 18th – What Dealers Need to Know (April 2023) NADA: Buying EVs for Used Inventory?  Understanding the Federal “Previously Owned Clean Vehicle” Tax Credit (3/7/2023) OADA: Don’t Forget About the Commercial Clean Vehicle Tax Credit (May 2023) Energy Credits Online (Register Here)
IRS: Credits for New Clean Vehicles Purchased in 2023 or After IRS: Used Clean Vehicle Credit Summary OADA: Don’t Forget About the Commercial Clean Vehicle Tax Credit (May 2023) Energy Credits Online Registration User Guide
NADA Template New Clean Vehicle Credit Seller Report (PDF | Word) IRS: Manufacturers and Models of Qualified Used Clean Vehicles IRS: Poster – Credit for Commercial Clean Vehicles (Pub. 5724-B) WEBINAR- NADA-Treasury Clean Vehicle Tax Credit Update
U.S. DOE – Fuel – New Vehicle Credit Lookup IRS: Poster – Credit for Previously Owned Clean Vehicles (Pub. 5724)   IRS FAQs- Transfer of new and used clean vehicle credits
  NADA Template Previously Owned Clean Vehicle Credit Seller Report (PDF | Word)   Publication 5867-A Clean vehicle time of sale reporting user guide
      Publication 5899 Clean Vehicle Credit Transfer: Information you need to provide to the registered dealer
      Publication 5900 Important Information for Consumers Transferring Clean Vehicle Tax Credits

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