MCO - Managed Care Organization

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CareWorks is endorsed as OADA’s preferred Ohio workers’ compensation Managed Care Organization (MCO) since 1996.  They provide high quality medical management services, helping injured Ohioans recover from workplace injury and restore healthy, productive lifestyles as quickly and safely as possible.

Today, CareWorks medically manages nearly 30% of all new injury claims filed in Ohio and their employer customers represent more than $700 million in workers' compensation premiums.

Utilizing a comprehensive approach to workers’ compensation medical management, they focus on optimal outcomes for each individual’s injury recovery.  CareWorks' core functions include:

  • First Report of Injury (FROI)
  • Dedicated Medical Case Management Associates
  • Medical Bill Payment
  • Web-Based Claims Access
  • Online Injury Reporting & Provider Search
  • Injury Reporting Packets
  • Initial Treating Provider Listings
  • Customized Claims Reporting (20+ options)
  • Drug Utilization Review
  • Individually Assigned Account Executives

Injury Reporting

Injured workers should immediately notify their employer of their injury/accident and seek treatment a BWC-certified provider.  In emergency situations, injured workers should immediately notify their employer and seek treatment at the nearest medical facility or call 911.

To help customers report new workplace injuries as quickly and accurately as possible, CareWorks offers Injury Reporting Packets at no charge, which include:

  • Take the Right Steps information
  • BWC FROI form
  • CareWorks MCO I.D. card
  • Key Information contact card

Quality Initial Medical Care

Another important part of CareWorks' medical management services is helping customers locate quality physicians and medical providers for their injured workers to visit following a workplace injury. This helps customers develop strong, local relationships throughout the markets they operate in, with a continued goal of successful return to work.  CareWorks is pleased to develop workplace provider posters listing the quality initial care providers uniquely selected by each employer.


To learn more, please visit CareWorks online at or call, toll-free, at 1 (888) 627-7586.  Since their start in 1996, it has been always CareWorks' mission to consistently deliver "Customer Service That Exceeds Expectations."