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Internal Policies 

The following policies and procedures specify the functions and relationship of the Review Committee of the Legal Defense Fund Action Committee  and the procedures to be followed in the expeditious handling of application for assistance.

  1. There shall be established a Legal Defense Fund Review Committee for the purpose of examine the legal aspects of Legal Defense Fund applications.
  2. This Committee shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Legal Defense Fund Legal Action Committee(President of OADA).
  3. The Review Committee shall maintain the permanent files on all Legal Defense Fund matters and shall regularly report to the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees of OADA on the status of all Legal Defense Fund applications.
  4. The Review Committee shall establish a file for each contact by a dealer or group of members requesting assistance and shall provide the applicant with an application form, as well as an explanation of the Legal Defense Fund.
  5. The Chairman of the Review Committee shall appoint an attorney to be responsible for each application. This attorney shall brief the facts of the case and provide the Review Committee with an analysis of the legal aspects of the case or proceedings, as well as its potential legal significance to OADA members.
  6. The Review Committee shall insure that all pertinent materials are obtained by OADA and shall notify the applicant of the need for the same. The applicant by filling the application agrees to disclose all facts pertaining to the case to the Review Committee for the purpose of making a fair determination. Failure to disclose information having a bearing on the case can result in the immediate rejection of the application at nay point by the Review Committee.
  7. When the file is complete, the Review Committee shall so notify the applicant that the file is complete and that action will be taken within forty-five (45) days thereafter, unless an application is suspended as described in paragraph 13 of the external Application Policies and Procedures.
  8. The Review Committee shall provide the Legal Action Committee with an analysis of the application within fifteen (15) days of the completion of the file or as soon thereafter as possible.
  9. Member of the Review Committee shall not discuss the apparent merits not disclose the specific facts of a case with any person or group except the Legal Action Committee and the OADA Board of Trustees.
  10. The Review Committee shall be responsible for keeping all Legal Defense Fund application files and records.
  11. The Review Committee shall be responsible for all correspondence with Legal Defense Fund applicants, except that all decisions of the Legal Action Committee or the OADA Board of trustees shall be conveyed in writing by the President of OADA.

The final decision on the validity of the expenditure from the Fund results with the Legal Action Committee using its delegated authority from the OADA Board of Trustees. Their decision may included consideration of factors beyond the legal merits of the case as to render a decision consistent with the External and Internal Policies and procedures as outlined herewithin. The applicant may then appeal any final decisions of the Legal Action Committee to the Board of Trustees of OADA.

For more information concerning the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association Legal Defense Fund, contact Sara Bruce at (614) 923-2243 or