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April 14, 2020

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Unemployment Update & Resources

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) recently updated its Website to include a Coronavirus and Unemployment Insurance Benefits Resource Hub for Employers and Employees.  The website includes a Step by Step Guide for Filing an Application for Unemployment, additional FAQs for Employers, and information regarding the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Programs Federal Pandemic Unemployment Programs.


When employees use the Mass Layoff/Buyout Identification Number 2000180 when completing the unemployment insurance application, a Determination of Benefits Letter may be sent to the employer which includes two statements that are simply boilerplate and will not result in negative consequences to Ohio Employers. 

  1. The Determination indicates, “Beginning on 3/14/2020, the claimant was either partially or totally unemployed due to a lack of work/layoff from COVID-19 separation….” The date of 3/14/2020 will be on each letter, but is not determinative of when an employee is eligible for benefits. According to ODJFS, claims are effective the Sunday of the week they are filed, so the claimants would not be able to claim benefits before the week they filed, even though the determination has the March 14 date in the text.
  1. The Determination indicates a total chargeable amount and percentage for each employer. This is not accurate.  For contributory employers, charges during Ohio's emergency declaration period will be mutualized.

The US Department of Labor released this Guidance on Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation to help states implement the program which will provide an additional $600 weekly payment to eligible individuals.


CareWorksComp, OADA’s endorsed partner for Workers Compensation Services, may be able to provide answers to common questions regarding Unemployment Compensation.  If you have specific questions about Unemployment and your employees, please email your questions to their Unemployment Services Department at or call them at 614-526-7165.