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March 23, 2020

Understanding Governor’s Stay-in-Place Order and Your Business’ Social Responsibility

As OADA previously reported yesterday, on Sunday afternoon Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issued a stay-in-place order for all Ohioans.  A copy of that order can be found HERE.  This order goes into effect at 11:59PM on Monday, March 23, 2020.

We are also encouraging both our dealer members and our OEM partners to make good faith efforts to comply with the order in its written form as well as the “spirit” and intent in which it was issued.  This would extend across all aspects of the business, but especially marketing and advertising.  During this time, as you make decisions that impact your customers, employees and communities, please consider the social messages that your marketing and advertising (especially) sends in light of current conditions.  When the dust settles, the retail dealer network, OEMs and other members of the auto industry will be judged on how we handled ourselves during this crisis. Let’s make sure we are considering social implications of the business practices we implement to ensure they fall in line with both the letter and “spirit”  in which the Order was issued as we proceed in an unprecedented time.

Compliance with this Order is necessary to protect Ohioans, and dealers will do their part.  Please review the Order, consult with your counsel, and determine your business objectives.  OADA will continue to provide information as it becomes available.  You can reach out to OADA legal counsel Sara Bruce and Matt Chacey.  Sara can be reached at (614) 923-2243 or  Matt can be reached at (614) 923-2232 or