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April 06, 2020

Director’s Extended Order Goes Into Effect Today! – Updated Practices List

As we previously reported, on Friday Dr. Amy Acton signed an Amended Stay-at-Home Order that goes into effect today, April 06, 2020 at 11:59 PM.  That Order can be found HERE.  The Order is in effect until 11:59 PM on May 01, 2020.


Businesses that support Ohio’s transportation needs, including auto supply, auto-repair, and other related facilities, continue to be an essential business in Ohio and may continue operations so long as they fully comply with the Director’s Order.  The Amended Order includes several new provisions, including:

  • Clarifying that “obtaining auto supplies (including showrooms, dealers, parts, supplies, repair, delivery of vehicles, shipping, and maintenance)” is an essential activity for which people are permitted to leave their homes;
  • Requiring retail businesses to determine and enforce a maximum number of people permitted in the business at one time to safely and comfortably maintain a 6-foot distance from one another.  The maximum number of people must be posted on a notice at every entrance; and
  • Creates a dispute resolution process for situations where two local health departments have come to a different conclusion as to what is or is not a business is essential.  OADA continues to encourage dealers to first contact us at OADA if your local health department disputes that you are an essential business.  Click HERE for a copy of our letter detailing why dealers are essential businesses  


In order to assist dealers in understanding the requirements, we have prepared a Best Practice Document to help Dealers understand both what is required under the Orders as well as other suggestions based on conversations with Dealers across the state.  You can find that guidance HERE. We will continue to update the list periodically as more suggestions come in.


If you have any additional ideas you wish to share, please feel free to email those to Matt Chacey at